The University of Southampton

Physics student Imogen White says being a student representative has helped her gain in confidence and responsibility.

Imogen White

Being involved

“For the first three years of my degree I was a course representative for MPhys Physics and for the last year I have been Academic President of Physics and Astronomy.

“I’ve really enjoyed leading the student voice, learning more about how the department works and improving our course for the benefit of all.


"As Academic President I have had a clear insight into how much the staff want the best for us. There is good communication within the department and the course covers a good range of topics in great depth."

Studying at Southampton

“I chose Southampton as it seemed to be an all-round university with plenty on offer, both within the course and through extra-curricular activities.

“It is a great department with fantastic resources and friendly staff, providing wonderful opportunities within a great city.

“I have found the course to be very diverse with plenty of practical and constructive challenges that will equip me with skills for the future.

“Physics is very current and looks towards equipping graduates with a problem solving mindset and mathematical skills to help them tackle problems within the energy sector, programming new technologies, and in medical equipment.”

The future

“During my studies I was lucky enough to get an internship at Roke Manor Research Ltd, in Romsey. I gained the internship through the South East Physics Network (SEPnet) and have learnt a lot, as well as gaining some further networking and skill-based opportunities.

“I have also taken an engineering module that has been really useful in helping me decide to look at sustainable energy systems as an area for my future career plans.

“I have managed to secure a job when I graduate with Buro Happold as a Graduate Sustainability Consultant and I am thrilled to be able to work in the sustainable energy sector.

“I was very unsure prior to my degree what I wanted to do, so the energy modules I have studied have really highlighted to me that this is an area I want to explore.”