The University of Southampton

Nedzinskas Sarunas

"You learn new things every single day. Sometimes you have to redo your analysis and start everything again, from scratch. And then you have to do it again and again... It’s very different compared to how things work at the university. It is also a lot more complex and challenging.

I learned many important things whilst at Harvard but, most importantly, I got to appreciate how real research works and that it actually never ends

Scientific skillset
“Another very important skill I have obtained is that, after reading countless papers and writing a master's thesis and a mid-term report, I have learned how to write in a more scientific manner and avoid sloppy vague language. Finally, I had to work and communicate with many experienced scientists and I benefited from that tremendously.

Data analysis
“I plan to spend my summer continuing with my master's project at CfA. We plan to publish two papers using the data that I have collected and analysed. Afterwards, I will take a year-long break and will try to publish a paper in theoretical particle physics independently. Also during that year I will take my GRE exams and will apply to US and European grad schools.”