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The Royal Society International Exchanges scheme forges new collaboration with Argentina

Published: 13 October 2017
Dr Diego Altamirano is strengthening scientific relations with the National University of La Plata in Argentina

Astrophysicists from the University of Southampton have taken an important ‘first step’ toward increased collaboration with partners in Argentina.

Dr Diego Altamirano, a Principal Research Fellow from Southampton’s Department of Physics and Astronomy, is strengthening scientific relations with the National University of La Plata through a grant from The Royal Society’s International Exchanges scheme.

He hopes the project, titled ‘The first step for High-Energy Astrophysics relations between Argentina and the UK, will enhance the theoretical and observational expertise of both groups while opening new areas of research for the international partners.

“This new collaboration will help answer long-standing questions in high-energy astrophysics as we study a wide range of topics, from the physics of massive stars, to supernova remnants and accretion onto compact objects like black holes and neutron stars,” Diego explains.

“Having first studied in Argentina, I’m looking forward to sharing my 14 years of knowledge in the area of High-Energy Astrophysics and helping our new partners build a strong group that can complement our world-leading research in Southampton. I am confident that the projects proposed will be only the seed for a long-term collaboration and strengthening of both scientific groups in the UK and Argentina.”

Diego will work with scheme co-applicant Jorge Combi and colleagues at the National University of La Plata as they develop a proposal that involves PhD students, postdoctoral researchers and other staff members.

The collaboration will focus on two work packages, developing the analysis of X-ray data from state-of-the-art space observatories and complex, multi-wavelength modelling of the observational results. The combined results will help research partners assess how current facilities accessible to the different groups could be used to set up future novel observing programmes.

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