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Stephen Hawking Fellow to push the boundaries of particle physics at Southampton

Published: 3 April 2020
Dr Ömer Gürdoğan is one of nine UK-based Stephen Hawking Fellows.

Particle physicist Dr Ömer Gürdoğan will explore Quantum Field Theory as one of the country's first Stephen Hawking Fellows at the University of Southampton.

He is one of just nine UK-based academics selected by UK Research and Innovation for the prestigious new fellowships, which seek to further Professor Hawking's legacy by furthering our understanding of the universe and communicating the wonders of science to the public.

Ömer will focus on scattering amplitudes, which are the quantum probabilities of the interactions of fundamental particles, as he seeks to answer questions about how nature works at microscopic scales.

He will also conduct outreach activities including art exhibitions inspired by the geometric nature of his research, and interactive demonstrations using virtual reality.

The new fellowship will start within Southampton's School of Physics and Astronomy in January when Ömer returns from recent work as a post-doctoral researcher at the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford.

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