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Royal Society University Research Fellowship in recognition of the contributions in Quantum Field Theory

Published: 6 June 2023

We are delighted to announce that Senior Research Fellow, Dr Ömer Gürdoğan, has been awarded the highly prestigious Royal Society University Research Fellowship in recognition of his contributions to the field of Scattering Amplitudes in Quantum Field Theory. 

This fellowship acknowledges Dr Gürdoğan's pioneering research programme, titled "New Perspectives in Quantum Field Theory," and aims to support his projects aimed at advancing our understanding of this complex subject. By employing innovative mathematical concepts, Dr Gürdoğan intends to develop a comprehensive framework capable of addressing previously intractable calculations.

A key objective of Dr Gürdoğan's research is to provide a more comprehensive and satisfactory insight into Quantum Field Theory, addressing the limitations of traditional approaches. His work seeks to elucidate the intriguing phenomena observed in results of complex calculations, leading to a deeper understanding of the theory's underlying mechanisms.

This fellowship will strengthen Southampton's role as a prominent hub for yet another field of theoretical and mathematical physics. Dr Gürdoğan's presence and work are anticipated to attract other researchers keen to contribute to this flourishing field.

Dr Ömer Gürdoğan, Physics and Astronomy, FEPS, says:  "I am delighted to have been awarded a Royal Society University Research Fellowship. It means a lot to me to have this recognition and support. I am very excited about all the research that this award will enable me and my team to pursue here at Southampton."

Since 2021, Ömer has been serving as a UKRI Stephen Hawking Fellow at Southampton, further solidifying his position as a distinguished physicist. Prior to this, he gained valuable experience through postdoctoral positions at esteemed institutions such as the University of Oxford, University of Southampton, and École Normale Supérieure in Paris. Ömer's academic journey began with his PhD from Queen Mary, University of London, where he laid the foundation for his career in the field of physics.

The scientific community eagerly awaits the outcomes of Dr Gürdoğan's research, anticipating significant advancements in Quantum Field Theory. His work has the potential to reshape our understanding of this fundamental theory and pave the way for exciting future developments in the field of physics. His exceptional achievements and dedication to advancing our understanding of Quantum Field Theory make him a truly deserving recipient of the Royal Society University Research Fellowship.


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