The University of Southampton

Virtual Summer School for A-Level Physics Students of Afro-Caribbean Heritage

19th July 2021 9.30am-3:30pm

We would like to invite A-Level Physics students of Afro-Caribbean heritage studying in the UK to come to a free one-day Physics and Astronomy virtual summer school. We recognise that students of Afro-Caribbean heritage are severely under-represented among those studying Physics and Astronomy in the UK and would like to take pro-active steps to remedy the situation. We have designed a day, which we hope will be inspirational and informative, to include the following activities:

  • Learn about the aurora and take part in cutting edge Space Environment Physics research by classifying different types of aurorae (no previous knowledge required)
  • ‘Listen’ to the cosmos with our work to support people with vision impairments engage with astronomy research
  • Take a virtual tour of our labs and research facilities with us
  • Measure the accelerating expansion of the Universe (you’ll need a ruler and a calculator!)
  • Learn about careers in Physics
  • Listen to inspirational talks about why you should be interested in a future with Physics and how you can get involved.

The day will feature a presentation by Benyam Dejen, Director of Outreach at the Blackett Lab Family. Benyam Dejen has a master’s degree in Physics from Imperial College, London with specialities in the field of quantum optics. The Blackett Lab Family is a social enterprise made up of people from a variety of professions and specialisms who share a passion for physics and positive representations of the Black community. This national collective of talented, successful, and influential people is making waves in education, research, industry, technology, finance and law. Their ambition is to become influential in society, leading the conversation on diversity in physics and inspiring a new generation of Black minds in our communities - and beyond. Benyam Dejen will give a talk about his research in quantum optics, his physics journey to date and the incredible work of other UK-based Black physicists

The day will be run via Blackboard Collaborate (Similar to Zoom) and students will need access to a computer for the day. Let us know if this is a problem as we may be able to help.

Please register here:

Contact the Outreach team at with any questions.

We would like to send out some teaching and learning materials before the event so we would need to ask for your home/school address.