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Dr Manda Banerji-Wright 

Co-Chair of School ED&I Committee

Faculty ED&I Champion for the School

Deputy Admissions Tutor

Dr. Manda Banerji graduated from the University of Cambridge with a 1st Class Honours degree in Natural Sciences and obtained her PhD in Astrophysics from University College London. She held postdoctoral positions at both the Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge and UCL before winning an Ernest Rutherford Fellowship (2015) and a Royal Society University Research Fellowship (2017). She is currently an Associate Professor in the Astronomy group.


Research interests

Manda is an observational astrophysicist. Her primary research is aimed at understanding the co-evolution of galaxies and their constituent supermassive black holes with a particular focus on distant galaxies in the early Universe. She is an expert in multi-wavelength photometric and spectroscopic galaxy surveys and has held prominent leadership roles within several current and upcoming large galaxy survey projects such as the Dark Energy Survey and the Vera C. Rubin Observatory Legacy Survey of Space Time.


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Coatman, Liam, Hewett, Paul C., Banerji, Manda, Richards, Gordon T., Hennawi, Joseph F. and Prochaska, J. Xavier (2017) Correcting CIV-based virial black hole masses. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 465 (2), 2120–2142. (doi:10.1093/mnras/stw2797).

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Temple, Matthew J., Banerji, Manda, Hewett, Paul C., Rankine, Amy L. and Richards, Gordon T. (2021) Exploring the link between C IV outflow kinematics and sublimation-temperature dust in quasars. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 501 (2), 3061–3073. (doi:10.1093/mnras/staa3842).


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