The University of Southampton

Dr Matthew Middleton 


P&A Fellowship & Concordat Champion

Director of STAG, ED&I and DISCNet training committee member

SMARTNet chair

Councillor of the Royal Astronomical Society

Dr Matt Middleton was awarded his PhD in astronomy (with a focus on the connection between AGN and black hole binaries) from the University of Durham in 2010. Since then he has been a PDRA at Durham, a Marie-Curie Fellow at the University of Amsterdam (2012-2014) and STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellow at Cambridge, and at Southampton where he now holds the position of Associate Professor.

His interests focus on the nature of accretion onto compact objects as revealed via the coupling of the time and energy domains (spectral-timing) and specifically the changes in the accretion flow when it reaches and exceeds the classical Eddington limit. He employs a combination of analytical theory and observations across multiple bands but predominantly the X-rays. He is external collaborator for e-ROSITA and head of SMARTnet – a network for performing observations of transients (including binaries, AGN, TDEs etc.) simultaneously in multiple wavebands.

Within the University he teaches PHYS1005:Introduction to Astronomy, and PHYS3010:Stellar Evolution.


Research interests

AGN, XRBs, ULXs, accretion processes, mutli-wavelength astronomy, time-domain methods


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