The University of Southampton

Ali Farzaneh Far

Course: MPhys Particle Physics (with a year abroad)

Physics student Ali is planning to complete a masters in Mathematics at Cambridge before continuing on to a PhD in Particle Physics.

Ali Farzaneh Far

Choosing Southampton

“I decided to study Physics because my heart was into studying a pure science and I loved mathematics.

“The academic atmosphere in the University of Southampton’s Physics department is definitely one of its best features. On numerous occasions I have wandered into the offices of various academics who are leading experts in their field, to have wonderful discussions on topics where I felt my understanding needed a bit of a boost.”

Working at CERN

“Working at CERN has been extremely exciting. Aside from the opportunity to contribute to the experiments and learn a great deal from those with whom I’ve worked, I’d have to say the most rewarding and entertaining part is attending talks from leading experts in all area of physics.

“It has been quite challenging and requires hard work but has definitely been worth it.”

The future

“After I complete my masters in Mathematics at Cambridge next year, I aim to continue onto a PhD in Particle Physics.

“In the long-term I aim to find a place where, as an academic, I can readily contribute to the high energy physics community and do my part in making the sphere of our understanding just a little bit larger.”