The University of Southampton

The University offers a huge range of resources and study support across all our campuses to help you make the most of your learning experience.

David Smith and Tutee

Whether you need guidance on coursework or help finding an obscure journal, access to the internet or language lessons, we have the technology, services and resources to ensure you get the support you need. During term time your academic advisor will always be on hand to offer advice and guidance.

Free wireless and networked high-speed internet access is widely available across all campuses and halls of residence, and in all the libraries

Specialist equipment and assistive technology are available for students with a disability, specific learning difficulty or chronic medical condition. The Wessex Needs Assessment Centre (WNAC) provides specialist assessments for students with disabilities and specific learning difficulties (dyslexia), many of whom are eligible for the Disabled Students' Allowances (DSA). Following assessment, students have access to ongoing support, advice and guidance.

Our Centre for Language Studyoffers resources and language courses for students and staff across the University. Equipped with the very latest technology, the Centre has courses and resources in a wide range of languages, including Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Latin, Portuguese and Spanish. The main Language Resources Centre offers an extensive selection of publications, self-access materials, tutorials, audio-visual learning resources, reference materials and the latest multimedia software.

We have a great deal of experience in helping students through any personal difficulties they may encounter during their time here at the University.

Help and support in Physics and Astronomy

From the start of your studies in Southampton, you will have your own personal tutor to help guide you through your time at the University and help you through your course. During the first year, you will have weekly, small group tutorials, which provide an opportunity to solve problems and discuss any issues or concerns. As you near the end of your studies, tutors will be happy to discuss career options or provide that all-important reference for your first job.

Key facts

There are around 1,700 Windows PCs in dedicated rooms on all campuses and halls of residence.

The total library collection comprises over 1.6 million volumes, six million manuscripts and more than 8,000 current periodicals, of which 5,000 are available in electronic format.