The University of Southampton

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Daniel Sandford

“Scientists are a rarity in the world of news and being someone who actually understands mathematics, science and statistics is a great asset.” Daniel Sandford, BBC News Home Affairs Correspondent

Paul Ettinger

“I chose Southampton as my first choice primarily because of the reputation of the Physics & Electronics department, but I also liked the atmosphere and feel of the campus.” Paul Ettinger, co-founder of Caffe Nero

Stacie Powell

"The wide range of options at Southampton allowed me to explore the subject and discover the frontiers of physics". Stacie Powell, Olympic Games competitor and PhD student at University of Cambridge

My undergraduate Physics degree was not only great fun, but also a great starting point for a career in which I need to combine an understanding of scientific principles and methodology, with an appreciation of the public mind.
James Read - Director of International Public Relations, Gilead Sciences
The Physics and Astronomy department was one of the very few in the country offering the optics and photonics specialism I was interested in.
Sam Birtwell - Research Engineer, Gill Research and Development Limited
There is a great balance between studying and student life at Southampton and a great student atmosphere.
Calvin Giles - Physicist at Symetrica
Studying physics gave me the ability to approach new concepts from a wide range of technical subjects with an open mind.
Natasha Fairbairn - Patent Attorney
I was particularly attracted by the Physics and Astronomy department’s flagship programmes which offer students the chance to spend their final year working within a research group. This is a fantastic way to gain experience which will also enhance your CV.
Tom Crane - Physicist, UK defence sector
I was very impressed with the facilities, especially the physics library and the astronomy domes.
James Gray - Trainee medical physicist NHS
Since training as a physics teacher, there have been so many highlights. Teaching is an emotional rollercoaster and I absolutely love it. I never in a million years thought I’d be a teacher, in fact I actively said I would never be one, but sharing what I love with students every day really is an honour.
Holly Anne Farnham - Physics teacher
I would recommend studying at the University of Southampton. The University helped me to learn about myself and my priorities, as well as giving me an excellent grounding in physics.
Krystina Turnbull - Head of Careers
The choice of subjects is wide, and it’s a great part of the country for getting involved with other activities. Many of the tutors are involved in research with a global impact, which keeps them on the leading edge.
Paul Welsh - Intelligent Transportation Systems
My advice to current students is to look for the jobs you don't even know exist yet.
Charlie Martin - Trainee Medical Physicist NHS
There is no doubt that my time at Southampton was one of the most enjoyable and enlightening of my life.
Chris Richards - Founder Eco2 Ltd
I love how all the theory that I learned in my undergraduate studies can be applied to real-life problems.
Sarah Cronin - PhD in Medical Physics, Institute of Cancer Research
I had a fantastic time, all the tutors and lecturers were very supportive and helpful. And the social life was amazing.
Myles Brown - ATM Systems Engineer
I chose to study at the University of Southampton because of its excellence in Physics, Electronics and Mathematics.
Craig Sawyers - Technology and Business Consultant
I led the UK government’s quantum technologies programme. The highlight from that, I think, was being part of a small team who established the EU’s €1 billion quantum technologies flagship programme.
Richard Murray - Business Development Manager, Teledyne e2v
I absolutely loved the hands-on observing experience I got during the second-year field trip to Tenerife. That was a pivotal moment for me; it was when I decided I wanted to be an astronomer.
Liz Bartlett - European Southern Observatory (ESO) fellow
I really liked being part of Physoc. It’s a really sociable society and they organise a wide range of events.
Olivia Keenan