The University of Southampton

Pursue your passion for physics and investigate the beautiful concepts that underpin our understanding of space, time and matter.

Our Physics and Astronomy degrees offer a rigorous scientific training based on the latest research, and will enable you to develop key transferable skills. You’ll be prepared to go onto do almost anything when you graduate, whether that’s a role in industry, academia or a completely different field.

You can apply to study a Single Honours Degree, or a Specialised Honours Degree if you’d like to focus on a specific area of physics. In practice, there is flexibility to switch between degrees once you begin your studies, especially in the first year.

Single Honours Degrees

BSc or MPhys?

There is really no need to decide between the three-year BSc and four-year MPhys when you first enrol. Unless you are certain from the outset that you wish to study for a three-year BSc degree, we will normally recommend that you enrol initially for the four-year MPhys which is our `top of the range' offering. If you subsequently wish to transfer to a three-year BSc degree, this is straightforward at any time up to the end of second year, as both degrees are the same up to this point. You can also transfer from the three-year degree to the four-year degree, but only during the first year.

Specialised Honours Degrees

For those wishing to specialise in particular areas of study we offer Specialised Honours degrees.

Flagship Honours Degrees

Work on a cutting-edge research project as part of your degree, either here in the UK, at CERN in Switzerland or at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Boston. Our top-performing students can choose to transfer to a flagship degree at the end of their second year.

Foundation Year

If you’re interested in studying a physics degree, but didn’t study mathematics and physics at A Level, our Foundation Year Is the ideal choice. It provides an introduction to mathematics, mechanics, computer programming, electricity and electronics, and engineering principles, and teaches the skills you need to study our BSc or MPhys Physics programmes.