The University of Southampton

Our range of stimulating and cutting-edge Physics and Astronomy degree programmes will raise you to the frontier of modern physics and ensure you are a step ahead in the global jobs market.

We offer Single Honour Degrees and Specialised Honours Degrees; the former is a state of the art introduction to modern physics whilst the latter is aimed at students wishing to become professional physicists, either by moving onto a PhD or in industry. In practice there is considerable flexibility to change from single to specialised honours and vice versa, especially in the first year of your degree. 

For top performing students our Specialised Honours and Flagship Degrees provide the opportunity to carry out a research project at one of our partners overseas at CERN or the Harvard Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics. Find out more about all our placement and internships.

Single Honours Degrees

All the degree programmes that we offer are based on a core of essential fundamental physics courses supplemented by a range of optional courses (making up 25% of the course). The optional courses can be chosen to cover a broad range of topics such as 'Physics of the Solar System', 'Medical Physics', and 'Energy and the Environment'. Alternatively, options can be chosen to develop a coherent pattern of study in areas in which we have particular strengths either within the School or elsewhere in the University. These include Astronomy, Space Science, Photonics, NanoScience, Theoretical Physics and Mathematics, Computer Science, and Oceanography.

Specialised Honours Degrees

For those wishing to specialise in particular areas of study we offer Specialised Honours degrees.

Flagship Honours Degrees

We offer a range of flagship degree programmes aimed at our top first-class students. In your final year you pursue a full-time research project in an academic research group here or abroad, or in a local industrial partner. Places are limited and you can compete for a a position at the end of your second year.

Foundation Year

If you are interested in joining our physics courses but didn’t study mathematics and physics at A level, our Foundation Year is the ideal choice for you. The Foundation Year provides an introduction to mathematics, mechanics, computer programming, electricity and electronics, and engineering principles, and provides the skills required to study successfully for our BSc or MPhys Physics programmes.

BSc or MPhys?

There is really no need to decide between the 3 year (BSc) and 4 year (MPhys) when you first enrol. Unless you are certain from the outset that you wish to study for a 3 year (BSc) degree, we will normally recommend that you enrol initially for the 4-year MPhys which is our `top of the range' offering. If you subsequently wish to transfer to a 3-year BSc degree, at any time up to the end of the second year, this is very straightforward as both degree courses are the same up to this point. The reverse process involving a transfer from a 3-year to a 4-year degree can also be done, but only during the first year.

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