The University of Southampton

Our community

We are a diverse group of international researchers, teachers and students from many different backgrounds. What brings us together is a passion for Physics and Astronomy, with a commitment to the University of Southampton’s core values.

We recognise that many systemic inequities and biases exist within the educational system, within academia, and in society as a whole, particularly for those from under-represented groups. Within Physics & Astronomy, we are working to reduce and remove the known barriers to entry and progression in order to make physics and astronomy accessible to all. 

We value our diversity as one of our greatest strengths, and believe that black lives matter, as well as the lives of anyone from a historically oppressed, disenfranchised, or disadvantaged group.

 The School’s ED&I Committee is therefore committed towards: 

  • Promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in our School
  • Working to eliminate barriers faced by under-represented groups when pursuing a career in Physics
  • Creating an inclusive culture where everyone is valued and can reach their full potential
  • Developing a culture and working environment that encourages people to challenge themselves and others openly, constructively, and with respect in order to raise the quality of all we do together.