The University of Southampton
I think I may be slightly different to your standard physics student, it isn’t the ‘unknowns’ and the ‘unanswered questions’ about physics that really excite me, it’s actually the fundamental ‘knowns’!
Declan Millar
The opportunities I have had at Southampton to start and run societies, along with public engagement activities, have afforded me the skills to make my ambitions seem attainable.
Chris Frohmaier
I would definitely recommend Southampton to any prospective students as the available facilities, the knowledge of staff, coupled with the student facilities onsite, make for a great atmosphere where there is always something happening.
Paul Gow
Southampton is, and has been, perfect for me since I moved here in 2011.
Azaria Coupe
I did a lot of optics demonstrations working as an outreach demonstrator with the travelling The Light Express laser show, which performs shows for GCSE students.
Tom Jefferson Brain
As I am nearing the end of my PhD I am looking for jobs outside of physics, but the opportunities I have had through my teaching scholarship and the wide range of skills I have been able to develop through the course of my PhD will be very useful.
Rachel Gregory

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