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The Mobile Planetarium / Soton Astrodome

Soton Astrodome mobile planetarium is a free travelling inflatable astrodome planetarium, which visits schools and colleges within a 1.5 hour travel limit from the University.

mobile planetarium
mobile planetarium

Shows consist of an interactive guided tour of the night sky including an introduction to the astrophysics of the stars and planets and how to use the constellations to navigate. The guided tours/shows can be tailored to the syllabus and are suitable for all ages (from Primary to A-Level) and usually last about 20-30 minutes.

We can also offer the award-winning 'We Are Astronomers' film which is aimed Key Stages 3-5 and is 25 minutes long. This award winning astronomy film usually makes up the first part of our 50 minute long shows.
The astrodome shows are run by Astronomer Sadie Jones and a team of postgraduate and undergraduate astronomy students at the University of Southampton.

University of Southampton - Soton Astrodome

University of Southampton - Soton Astrodome

Soton Astrodome

Astrodome timelapse

A time lapse of our dome (mobile planetarium) set up by PhD student, Chris Frohmaier

Further Information

Further information can be found at University of Southampton Astrodome website.

A request for a booking can be made from the Outreach Speakers page.