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General Support for Teachers

Undergraduate Ambassador Scheme

The Undergraduate Ambassador Scheme (UAS) offers schools the opportunity to host an undergraduate Physics and Astronomy student in their classroom.  The student would undertake a school or college-based placement as part of an academic module which introduces them to the teaching profession. The scheme aims to encourage talented students to develop transferable skills which will be invaluable in their future careers and also assess if a teaching career is right for them. In turn the students are able to offer practical help in the classroom, in engaging of pupils in their subject and motivating them in their studies.

The school-based placement should, as appropriate, include:

  • Classroom observation
  • Classroom assistance
  • Whole class teaching
  • Involvement in support activities (after school clubs/ revision classes)
  • The design, implementation and evaluation of a Special Project (produced in collaboration with the teacher).

Find out more about the national ambassador scheme

Speakers for schools

Physics and Astronomy members are interested in coming to talk to local schools. To request a speaker explore the range of talks below and select the speaker you wish to email. Please include details of the talk and the approximate date and time you wish to book. The speaker will contact you by email to make any arrangements, check availability and discuss suitability for audience members.

The University will pay all the travel costs of the speaker.

Explore the range of talks available.

NB: speakers generally have a travel limit of around 1 hour maximum each way.

Regional Centre for Science Learning

Physics and Astronomy were pleased to be a partner in the University of Southampton's successful bid to become one of only nine Regional Science Learning Centres in England. The Southampton-based centre serves the South East region, and provides high-quality continuing professional development to science teachers and technicians.


If you would like to bring a group of students to visit us here at the University please contact us to check availability. Previously we have given a holography workshop and provided tours and activities in the Institute of Sound and Vibrational Research (ISVR) and Engineering Sciences.

Work Experience

Please ask your students to contact our Outreach Officer if they are interested in work expereince within Physics and Astronomy, we have a limited number of placements available for students for up to two weeks.

Teaching Resources

Physics of the Everyday: The Mobile Phone

Years 9 - 11

Physics of the Everyday: The Mobile Phone

We take mobile phone technology for granted. But it is the result of thousands and thousands of hours of painstaking research.

Lets take a look at the Physics behind it.

The History of the Universe: Free CD.

From the Big-Bang to the standard model of particle physics and beyond. By Professor Steve King and Dr Averil Macdonald. Narrated by Professor Frank Close.

The History of the Universe: Free CD.


  • Chapter 1: How did it all begin?
  • Chapter 2: The particle soup
  • Chapter 3: How did we get here?
  • Chapter 4: The future

Suitable for both pre and post 16 years.

Funded by PPARC and the University of Southampton.,

If you would like a copy, please contact us with your name and school address or download the zip file (25MB)

Phasor Animation - suitable for AS/A Level students

Phasor Animation - suitable for AS/A Level students

The phasor animation was produced by undergraduate William Hay during his Ambassador Teaching Module. The phasor shows the amplitude and phase of a wave. The height of the arrow represents the height of the wave and the angle of the arrow represents the 'phase' of the wave - or what fraction of the wavelength it has travelled through.



Please contact us if you have any questions about Physics and Astronomy. We will have someone who can help you!